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Electromagnetic Fields

DID YOU KNOW? The World Health Organization classified electromagnetic fields as a group 2b possible carcinogen in 2011

The danger of electric pollution may have once been the stuff of science fiction, but with the advent of 5G ultra wideband technology, the threat is more real than ever.


What does the science say?

There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence supporting the link between EMF’s and harmful health effects. ​​ In the Bioinitiative report, medical professionals independent of government and industry influence, compared current exposure standards against 3800 studies and found that levels far exceed safe limits. The World Health Organization classified Electromagnetic fields as a group 2B carcinogen in 2011.

While disease doesn't take root overnight, subtle shifts in your body may be indicating damaging effects from EMF exposure. While symptoms and level of severity vary individually, EMF exposure often manifest themselves in a variety of ways listed below:


Children are the most vulnerable to EMF

Today's youth are exposed to increasingly stronger signals and longer exposure times. Many studies show that young developing bodies are more susceptible to radiation absorption and long-term damage.




Learn practical strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones at home, work and out in the world with Healthy Homestead Design EMF assessment and information webinars.


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