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Herb Plants


We help conscientious land owners assess, design and develop resilient and healthy human habitats.

We offer ecological design services, as well as healthy building assessments and remediation planning, through North America and all over the world. 


Healthy Homestead Design has partnered with United Designers, an International coalition of ecological designers bringing the best strategies to all climates for food security, ecological balance, and long term solutions for extreme adaptation.

The United Designers team offers knowledge from decades of effective land management all around the world which is instilled in every one of our designs.

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Brandon is a Permaculture Designer and Building Biologist who specializes in homestead and farm design. He became passionate about ecological design after using nutrient-dense food, herbal medicine and environmental design to overcome health challenges. In the last decade, Brandon and his partners at United Designers have used regenerative ecological principles to restore land and increase yields from urban homesteads to commercial farms and ecovillages all over the world.

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