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Foglight Farms is a regenerative agriculture project located in Hillsboro, Oregon. This design supports a biodiverse, highly productive and resilient landscape through effective strategies such as agroforestry, water harvesting, ecosystem restoration and more.


Upon entering the property you are greeted with views of the powerful Mt. Hood and the surrounding hillsides. Long swales stretch across the landscape, catching rainwater and re-hydrating the soil. Rainwater catchment systems are pumped into a pond which irrigates the crops. Diverse plant systems are designed to increase yields of food and medicine, support pollinators and build the soil food web. Ecosystem restoration techniques are applied to the recently clearcut sections. The livestock use rotational grazing techniques to build the soil and support healthy animals. Pollinator plants are spread along the highway to support insect life.


Climate: Temperate Mediterranean 

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Function: Farm, Homestead, Retreat Center

Year: 2021

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